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  Welcome to the website of


  Kennel Magna Momenta:o),



which was established in 2011 and part of which I am myself and my first “goldie” Sarah (Korvetta Goldenpack Marty), born 17.08.2007. By founding of kennel became real one of my dreams and I hope that I will be able to breed at least a couple of Golden Retrievers. I'll try to do my best to they'll be like that, what they should be:o). Friendly, great companions, without any signs of aggression to be both lively and don't losing their hunting abilities and further I'll also try to their exterior answer perfectly standard and they could be succesful also at shows.

 I was enchanted
of Golden Retrievers as breed in 2007, when I brought home a cute little teddy bear and began to interest about him into the details, not just as to my great canine friend. By this I thank very much to Mrs. Marta Embertova (CHS Goldenpack Marty), who helped me at the beginning and show me course.


 Sara when we brought her home:o)

 And what was before? Well, I think almost the same story what had most of us. I wished a dog as a little girl but my my parents dind´t share my desire. My dad at least bought aquarium fish. But wha do you think: Was I happy? Not really, I was just looking when some of them died and how she will swim in the toilet.. Well, foolish child. I took care only about their food and it was sometimes also problem cause if it was too much so water was cloudy and dad wasn´t very pleased of it.. One day when I came home from school, I saw scalar on the floor. Poor guy he probably had air day (jumped over the aquarium) but he was still alive so I put him back into the aquarium but he didn´t want to swim normally so I started to rescue him. I took a teaspoon and slapped him a bit to swim as he should. Unfortunately, how big surprise was the next day when poor scalar swum nor false, but completely upside down. Poor! Perhaps he didn´t survive mine rescue. And as time and pleading went on, so one day my younger sister could bring a hamsters home:o). They were nice but had too far to dog.. So pledding went on again and finally I bought a dwarf bunny: o). I had two. One died quite early, but the second lived till 6-7 years, I do not know exactly. I called him Mikeš and after some time was Mrs. Mikeš:o)). He still wasn´t a dog but he already jumped around me in the house, let the hug, and even learned to hear the name and he was jumping on a small grassy area outisde and then back to me who I have ever sat close to him on some steps. It was my first real "hairy" sweetheart and still remember him.


Mrs. Mikeš:o)

And what about present? Now I have my lovely Sara:o)



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